Voice Chat Guidlines

💎 All the detailed lounge rules apply to voice as well.

💎 Please enable mic only whilst talking with an individual or a group of people by using push to talk. Background noise such as typing, fan, music, your parents or children is a buzz kill, as is talking by yourself for over 5 minutes.

💎Children in the background while on local voice is an automatic eject and possible ban. This is an adult venue, where children are not allowed.

💎 Do NOT put pressure on any patrons to voice. You have to respect that it is their choice not to do so and that they may be coming for different reasons than you.

💎 No fighting of any sort allowed. Understand that friendly banter may seem like fighting and often raise ears for surrounding members which disrupts the friendly vibe. Be respectful if that's the case and you are approached by a mod or management and explain the situation with maturity. 

💎 We cannot guarantee safety against griefers, trolls or any rude remarks if you engage in voice sex but will do our best to make this a safe and fun place for that activity.





  (rev 02.05.2020)

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