Abuse Reporting

💎 Staff will take the appropriate decision regarding offenders using Eject or Ban.

💎 Failure to adhere to the rules above can also result in ejection from the FMD's group. Refunds will not be given.

💎AS WITH LINDEN POLICY, SIM owners are able to create restrictions they choose, including age of avatar. We have enacted this policy and use the Linden tools to do so If you have any issue with this policy, please report it to Linden Labs.

💎 By entering the sim and/or joining the group you are agreeing to these rules. Appropriate action will be taken if you break them

💎If you need to contact a team member please do so by messaging:


Owner: Niccolo Ellison   

General Manager: Smexy Runner   

Sponsorship and Build Team Manager:  Vanity Mirror  

Special Projects Manager and Music Advisor: Neddy Elman 

Brand Manager: Bryce Sun   

LGBTQ Liason: Caiti Baxton 

Social Media Manager: Nikole Pizzaro 

You can contact team members via inworld IMs or through the contact form on this website

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