Detailed Rules

-`💎  RESPECT all people - English language in local chat. Retaliation in local to someone harassing is harassment as well. Please inform FMD staff and let us deal with it. 

-`💎  Trolling, racism, homophobic/transphobic/intolerant behavior, sexism, kink shaming, bullying, reinforcing clique culture are NOT tolerated and will warrant ejection. Behave like an adult. Do not mock guests sexual orientation or lifestyle choices. This lounge is open to the LGBT community.

-`💎  No malicious links on local chat or to other residents in the lounge.
 -`💎  No personal active music HUDs or other disruptive objects. Be respectful towards those who come to the lounge and listen to the music.

 -`💎  No escorting services or money requests. That's what the ad boards are for. No promotion of products, groups, sims, businesses that are not related to FMD without permission from management. This does not apply if you're approached about this in IM.

 -`💎  No griefing or harassment of any form in the lounge, in local chat or voice. This will result in an automatic ban.
-`💎  No rideable attachments allowed including vehicles but also chairs and wearable furniture unless approved by management.
-`💎  Nobody is allowed to create group tags, or change names using the SL Display Names Feature to impersonate Admins or Owner.

-`💎 No spamming. 

-`💎  If someone tries to ask you for Lindens (including escorting), tries to sell you items, please inform an admin. This also includes group chat.

-`💎  Do not make fun of anyone in a sexual act or disturb anyone using furniture and the menus.

 -`💎  No talks of politics or religion in local chat or voice.
-`💎  Please report any breaking of these rules to a manage or moderator  and file a report to LL. We encourage the use of the block feature when warranted.

 -`💎   If staff needs to take any action, it will be taken without warning. All appeals for reinstatements are to be taken up with the moderator who was involved in the first place.

 -`💎  These rules apply inworld in the lounge and also to our inworld group chats, Discord channels and Facebook walls.



  (rev 02.05.2020)

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