Dress code

💎 The judging of your avatar is done by the staff.        
💎 You have to have a quality mesh head and mesh body to be on sim during group events. We are more lenient with Come As You Are, however to attend closed access events you must be wearing quality mesh attachments. Just because the head is mesh, does not make it good quality and it does not make it appropriate for the sim. We advise against freebie mesh bodies and heads. If you can make them look acceptable, great! But you will likely be asked to leave the sim if you wear low quality or freebie mesh. This is up to the discretion of management.

💎 No babies(including both avatars and prim babies,) child avatars, or avatars appearing to be under the age of 18. This is to be discerned by staff on a case by case basis. No ageplay is permitted and will warrant a ban.
                - We go by more than LL height standards. If you or your avatar appear questionable you may be asked to make adjustments. This is at discretion of staff.
                - In case of disputes we WILL send an AR report and let Linden Lab decide if you are in violation of the Community Standards or not.
                - LINDEN LAB POLICY ON AGE PLAY:
                - SEE ALSO TERMS OF SERVICE SECTION 8.2 :

💎 Human-ish avatars only! 
    To further elaborate:
        - Anything that makes you look more like something else than like a human puts you at a risk of getting an IM from the staff asking you to make adjustments. 
        - Do not debate this, do not make it appear like it's a personal attack against you, your persona or your appearance because it is not. 
        -The surroundings in FMD make it abundantly clear that it is not a zoo, a space station, or anything else equally extreme. 

💎 Proper, mesh or quality applier clothing is required. Nudity allowed. Flexi anything will warrant an ejection.

💎 No scripted weapons.

💎 No Combat Meters worn ( GM / GTS ) ═══▶ No Combat HUDs - You will be asked to take them off, and refusing to do so will result in a swift eject if the traffic is high at the time.

💎 No erect cock unless it is during a 'visual' sex act. Flaccid is permitted.
   Collared slaves/subs in a submissive position are considered a sexual act.
💎 No Face lights

💎 No fishing rods

💎 No noob things like: bling, deformed shapes or skins, that includes wearing demos. No test avatar appearances or anything worse than that. No tiny avatars.

💎 There is a script monitor on the sim that will nag you if you have too many scripts on or have a too high render weight! It is possible you may be ejected if you do not comply with the request to reduce your impact on the region.

💎There are no refunds under any circumstances.




  (rev 02.05.2020)

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