Nıccolo Ellısson


Niccolo has taken a very hands on approach to fostering the rebuild and growth of FMD. He has been around the SL Entertainment community longer than he can count and loves to bring people together to enjoy great music and events.


He is a McChicken fanatic and overall badassry champion.

Lea Ellısson Renczi


Leah has been a resident of SL for years. She brings a wealth of experience and is our resident Southern Belle.


She enjoys music, especially of the country and hip hop variety. You can find her shopping or hanging out with her friends when she's not at FMD.

Smexxy Runner

General Manager

I have been a member of FMD longer then i care to admit, over the last year I have worn many hats, MOD, Entertainment Manager and now the GM.


My SL is pretty boring, I like to shop, and hang out at clubs listening to good music. I am AFK a lot because I am usually logged in from RL work but if you send me an IM I will get back to you as soon as I am able to!

Vanity Mirror

Design Team Manager / Sponsorship Manager

Vanity Mirror is a creator and resident of Second Life since 2010. Creating poses, building and photography, assisting brands with general management, as well as blogger management and marketing has afforded her the opportunity to cultivate relationships with many talented people in our community and learn from their expertise.


With her passion to explore beauty and creativity, Vanity has become the new FMD Design Team Manager and hopes to work alongside her amazing team to bring new life to each project completed.

Caiti Baxton

LGBTQ+ Liasion

My display name is usually Caiti Jezebel Baxton(unless I get drunk with friends), but you can find me by my legacy name, Caitlin Mirabella.

I am the Assistant (to the) Sponsorship Manager, the official LGBTQ+ Liasion for FMD, and one of the erotic readers on staff.


You can generally find me off to the side at events, occasionally sharing memes and bad advice. My favorite ice cream is cookie dough, the best way to start a conversation with me is to tell me about your cat(s), and I love deep and intelligent conversation about all things related to Maynard James Keenan.

Anita Blunt

Music Advisor / FMD Design Team

Virtual Landscaper/Home Decorator. Part of the FMD Design Team. Elusive but always up for some creative expression.

Juniper Raynier

Entertainment Staff Manager

I started coming to FMD just to hang out with friends and was hired as a Host. Eventually got promoted to Shift Manager.  


I am sweet, shy, and dorky.  I take pride in my weirdness and like to have fun.  I am also a spanker whore so be warned.

Nikole Pizzaro

Social Media

I am a host and the social media manager for FMD. All the naughty and wicked things posted on the FMD FB Page? Yeah that's me! You're welcome. I love lots of things but my two favorite loves are weed and Dave Grohl.

I'm friendly and outgoing. If you see me around feel free to say hello! I love to interact with everyone! 

Peace & love to y'all.

Cappie Franizzi

PR/ Brand Team Manager

Under Construction

Bryce Sun

Gallery Curator / Website Design Team

I handle the posters, gallery and website... the artsy stuff.

Special thanks to Aria Christen and Harlow Heslop, who worked alongside myself to create the beautiful, scenic ground sim that FMD has as of 2019.


Harlow as well assisted in the elegant new lounge build that houses our weekly events, and the FMD Casino for use of SL gaming tables/items.


Their skill and eye for detail have assisted in creating a place that we hope our VIPs enjoy immensely and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate greatly, their hard work and dedication to creating a beautiful space!


Thank you so much, Aria and Harlow

♥ FMD Team

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