House Rules

Welcome to the elite adult lounge of FMD. FMD is short for Feed My Desires - and as a member of the lounge you can expect that the FMD Team goes above and beyond regularly to meet the desires of its VIP Members. 

With your membership you get access to a beautifully decorated sim, amazing lounge, a gallery filled with erotic talents and access to some very special events. FMD is an adult lounge with adult themes and tastes, so it goes without saying there are a few rules and expectations in place to allow our VIPs a safe haven to explore their desires. 

Please take the time to read through these so we all are on the same page. We expect everyone to behave with common sense and as adults and as a valued member of the FMD Adult Lounge, you are expected to know these rules. Ignorance will not excuse you if you break them.

Thanks for being here!


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